If you are searching for an opportunity or new career in the insurance and financial services industry, you have come to the right place. We bring recruiters and job applicants together in a more personal manner where introductions to each other can occur. In the impersonal world of job search and job boards where one-on-one conversations are rare, we strive to connect you with the people who will recognize your unique talent, skill and potential. Our mission is to provide a place where you can first discover and then introduce yourself to selected recruiters in this unique and dynamic industry which is filled with opportunity. Recruiters profiled with us are searching for talent in all company positions with employers large and small in the investment, protection and savings industry. Getting started is simple and free. Just search our Recruiter Profiles and Apply.


Private Introduction Service

In addition to your personal search and introductions we also offer a “private introduction service”. Some of our employer clients prefer not to advertise certain positions publicly so you may not find a Recruiter Profile for them on our site. To gain access to our private introductions simply go to Applicant Profile, set-up your account and when asked about Private Introduction Service? choose “Yes”. Our introductions are always free for job applicants.

" I submitted my profile and resume to 4-5 different recruiters I was interested in talking with. Two of them contacted me back pretty quickly, one of which turned into a round of personal interviews. I accepted an offer just yesterday and I wanted to say thank you. It wouldn’t have come together without you guys.”

-Justin R, Sacramento, CA

" Refreshing new approach is all I can say. It was exhausting and frustrating clicking through all the job posts which all seemed to take me to a confusing maze of different web sites. I was simply relocating from Houston to Charlotte and looking for a similar position there. I found it. Thank you for connecting me with the individuals I needed to make it happen.”

-Maria G, Charlotte, NC


Applicant FAQ

No. There is never a charge for applicant or private introductions. Employers and recruiters pay our fees.
No. Our applicant/recruiter introductions are considered private and proprietary.
No, you may submit your profile and resume to any recruiters you choose to.
No. You may receive a reply from each or some or none of the recruiters. A recruiter receiving notice of your profile will compare your background and qualifications with positions which may be available with their firm. If they feel your education and experience is suitable and compatible with their recruiting goals, they may reply to you at their option.

Move to the front of the Applicant line?

If you are applying with recruiters offering customer facing positions such as (investment or financial or insurance advisor, planner, producer, agent, registered representative or customer services representative) these positions may require you to have an Insurance or Securities (FINRA) License. Applicants who have started or completed their licensing study and exams prior to initiating the interview process typically move to the front of the applicant line for these types of positions. Each employer may require a different combination of licenses and you should confirm which licenses may be required.

State Insurance Licenses.The essential insurance licenses are Life, Health, Property, Casualty or Personal Lines. You do not have to be associated with any firm to take these exams. The license you obtain is personally yours which you keep active as long as you choose, even if you change employers later on.

Securities Licenses.Currently a FINRA broker-dealer firm may require you to complete training and exams for Series 6 or Series 7, followed by a Series 63, Series 65 or Series 66. Also, you must be sponsored by a broker-dealer before you can apply for and attempt these exams.

In the Fall of 2018 this changes: there will be a new Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) which all applicants must complete as a pre-requisite before becoming eligible for the Series 6 or 7. Prior broker-dealer sponsorship will not be required for completion of the SIE. In other words, once the SIE is available an applicant can complete this exam prior to approaching or interviewing with a FINRA member broker-dealer.

Completing these exams prior to initiating the interview process would be viewed very favorably with nearly all of our recruiters and employers. We have partnered with A.D. Banker & Company, the nation's most popular Licensing Education provider so that you can have easy access to this required training prior to your interview process. Many employers also offer "scholarships" for applicants, who if hired or contracted, may reimburse the applicant for these/some training and licensing fees. You may click on Get License below to learn more about the licensing requirements and courses available in your State.

Need Insurance Continuing Education?

If you are already a licensed insurance producer we can help you meet your next CE renewal. We have partnered with A.D. Banker & Company, the nation’s leading insurance Continuing Education provider which allows you to meet your renewal with simple and convenient Online Courses and Webinars. You may click on Get CE to learn more about the CE Requirements for your State and course schedule.