At Wheatberri we take a different approach. We do not advertise specific jobs. We advertise, promote and work to expand the visibility of the individual recruiter. We help applicants find you. You receive applicant inquiries in your in-box.  Then you review their resume and qualifications and reach out to them individually if you feel they could be a good fit for one of the many positions you offer.

We are spreading the good news about insurance and financial services careers on college campuses nationwide. We also attract career changers both in and outside of the industry who are searching for new and rewarding opportunities. We do not replace the recruiting activity you are already doing.  We compliment your efforts and extend your reach.  We offer two talent attraction options - Featured Recruiters and Private Introductions.


Featured Recruiters

  • Publish your Recruiter Profile featuring you, your company and the kind of opportunities you offer.
  • Edit or remove your profile at any time.  No subscription fee.
  • You receive an e-mail when job applicants apply to your Recruiter Profile.
  • You login to view the job applicants preview bio (first name, city, state, licenses held, education level completed, languages spoken, availability to start, etc).
  • Do nothing or decline - you pay nothing.
  • Accept the job applicants full bio (for a small transaction fee you receive immediate access to resume with contact information).

Private Introductions

  • We come into contact with job applicants who want to interview with you.
  • You receive an e-mail when we place a job applicants resume into your account.
  • If you choose not to interview, contract with or hire a job applicant - you pay nothing.
  • If you hire or contract with a job applicant - you pay only a fixed-direct-hire fee (contact us for details and guarantees).
  • You only pay for results.

Pass Through Leads

  • This option is only available to corporate headquarters Career/AMS connections on a subscription basis.
  • Contact us for more information.

Recruiter FAQ

No. You may leave your profile up as long as you choose to. You can easily edit or remove it if you change responsibilities.
No, you create one profile, then follow the prompts to add your profile to appear in all of the cities you want to appear.
There is no cost to set up a recruiter profile. There is a small introduction fee if you accept the Full Bio/Resume of applicants who have applied to your profile. If you have a private introductions agreement on file with us there is a fixed-direct-hire fee if you hire/contract with an applicant.