At Wheatberri we take a different approach. We do not advertise specific jobs. We advertise, promote and work to expand the visibility of the individual recruiter. Our mission is to help applicants find you. When you receive an inquiry from an applicant in your in-box, you are able to evaluate their qualifications then reach out to them individually if you feel they could be a fit for one of the many positions you offer.

We are spreading the good news about insurance and financial services careers on college campuses nationwide. We also attract career changers inside and outside of the industry who are beginning to search for a new and more rewarding opportunity. While job seekers have many places to begin their search we strive to be the one essential place they discover and repeatedly return to as our portfolio of professional recruiter profiles continues to expand. We offer you three talent attraction options – Recruiter Profiles, Private Introductions and Pass Through Leads.


Recruiter Profiles

  • Your profile posting is free and does not retire until you do.
  • You may edit or remove your profile at any time.
  • When job applicants apply to your profile, you will receive an e-mail notification.
  • Notification prompts you to login to your account to view the Preview Bio (which includes the applicants: first name, city, state, licenses held, education level completed, languages spoken, full or part-time interests, availability to start, etc).
  • If you choose to not respond. You pay nothing.
  • If you choose to respond. You receive immediate access to the applicants Full Bio/Resume with contact information for a small introduction fee.

Private Introductions

  • We introduce you to job applicants who have asked us to arrange an interview with you.
  • We send you an e-mail notification, that an applicant would like to meet you.
  • You are prompted to login to your account where you receive immediate access to the applicants Full Bio/Resume with contact information.
  • If you choose not to contact, hire or contract with the introduced applicant. You pay nothing.
  • If you choose to hire/contract with the introduced applicant you pay a fixed direct-hire fee (contact us for details and guarantees).

Pass Through Leads (a direct non-personal connection to your existing AMS or corporate Career destination)

  • This option is for employers who choose not to put forth specific individuals responsible for the recruiting activities of their firm or agency.
  • This is an Employer Profile (rather than a Recruiter Profile).
  • When job applicants are interested in contacting your firm, we pass them through directly to your existing Career destination or Applicant Management System.
  • Our Pass-Through-Lead-Employer-Profiles are available on a subscription basis (contact us for details).
  • Employers can login to their account to view or download the names and contact information for follow-up with the applicants who have been passed along to their corporate destination.

Recruiter FAQ

No. You may leave your profile up as long as you choose to. You can easily edit or remove it if you change responsibilities.
No, you create one profile, then follow the prompts to add your profile to appear in all of the cities you want to appear.
There is never a cost for posting your personal Profile. Any fees payable always remain within your control. We charge a small “introduction fee” if you accept to view a Full Bio/Resume of an applicant who has applied to your personal Profile. There is no additional charge if you contract with/hire that applicant. If you opt into our Private Introduction (concierge) service there is a “fixed direct-hire fee” if you contract with/hire an applicant we have introduced to you. More detail available upon request.